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God-Seeking Prayer

“The conviction that drives God-seeking prayer is that all true accomplishments in doing the work of God are really the accomplishments of God himself. When we pursue him in prayer, we are admitting that the real answers and the real joy and the real breakthroughs lie with God. Seeking him humbles us to compliant obedience […]

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This week, set aside some of your prayer time to intercede for revival. “Revival is a season in the life of the church when God causes the normal ministry of the gospel to surge forward with extraordinary spiritual power…. Revival is seasonal, not perennial. God causes it; we do not. It is the normal ministry […]

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The Rewards of Approaching the Throne

“We do not come in prayer … to God’s poorhouse where He dispenses His favors to the poor, nor do we come to the back door of the house of mercy to receive the leftover scraps, though that would be more than we deserve …. But when we pray, we are standing in the palace […]

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